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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Values course

I'm almost done with a terrific course available over at the Teaching Company. In particular, Patrick Grim's Questions of Value has absolutely knocked my sox off. Here are the lecture titles:
  1. Questions of Value
  2. Facts and Values
  3. Lives to Envy, Lives to Admire
  4. Foundations of Ethics—Theories of the Good
  5. Foundations of Ethics—Theories of the Right
  6. Thoughts on Religion and Values
  7. Life's Priorities
  8. The Cash Value of a Life
  9. How Do We Know Right from Wrong?
  10. Cultures and Values—Questions of Relativism
  11. Cultures and Values—Hopi, Navajo, and Ik
  12. Evolution, Ethics, and Game Theory
  13. The Objective Side of Value
  14. Better Off Dead
  15. A Picture of Justice
  16. Life's Horrors
  17. A Genealogy of My Morals
  18. Theories of Punishment
  19. Choice and Chance
  20. Free Will and Determinism
  21. Images of Immortality
  22. Ethical Knowledge, Rationality, and Rules
  23. Moralities in Conflict and in Change
  24. Summing Up

Lecture 10 on relativism was quite nice in separating different flavors of relativism from one another, and lecture 6 on religion was well argued even if I didn't agree with his conclusions.

Elsewhere, I've raved about Teaching Company courses (see here, here, here, and here), but this one is a keeper. If you haven't tried these courses, start with Questions of Value.


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