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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What is viralness?

Everything on the web is supposed to be viral, but what does it mean for a product, service, video, ppt, or other object to be viral?

IlliGAL website has new look

See here. The lab also has its own domain name at last,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tech visionaries & models

Here is the ppt from module 4 of Creative Modeling for Tech Visionaries.

Click on the number for modules 1, 2, and 3.

And the winners were

Earlier I mentioned my nomination for Most Entrepreneurial Scientist in the USA. The top 3 were as follows:
  1. Paul Schimmel for his work on drug delivery in Alkermes Inc.
  2. Joseph DeSimone for his work on drug delivery and fule cells in Liquidia
  3. Leroy Hood for his work in Homestead Clinical.
I knew I was in trouble when Leroy Hood came in 3rd. Actually, it was grand to make the short list in such august company.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Who, what & where questions?

Florida is talking about fathers teaching their children to ask the what question (what will you study/do?), mothers teaching their children to ask the who question (who should you marry), but who teaches us to ask the where question? And the where question matters, because of the concentration of human effort is critical.

External human capital as building block of innovation

Richard Florida is talking about Jane Jacob's theory external human capital as the basis of innovation.

Is the world flat?

Florida is now talking about place and UN population data. The world now has over 50% of its population in urban areas. After some cool data analysis involving electrification and patents that say there are 12 region/cities in the world that matter.

What a great message!

I love Florida's message, and he's a very persuasive messenger. Creativity doesn't care about gender or race. Creativity is about people following their passions.

Toyota as creative company

He's talking about Toyota as a creative company because of the high-level realization that Toyota is a great company because of the capability of each one of its associates.

The dissociation of theories from their intellectuals

Richard Florida just did a great riff on how theories take on a life of their own when people become public intellectuals.

The Lycos move

Florida is talking about move of Lycos from Pittsburgh to Boston and the birth of The Rise of the Creative Class. He asked the company why it moved and the answer came back that it needed to get creative people fully assembled. This suggested that the firm is not the invariant; rather, creative clusters are the invariant.

Next up Richard Florida

Author of Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida, is up next (see here). He is working on a new book tentatively titled Who's Your City.

Live from Technopolicy

Am sitting in an interesting talk by Carl Johan Sundberg, entrepreneur and physician, discussing efforts at integrating tech xfer at the Karolinska Institute. The conference is Internationalising Regional Innovation of the Technopolicy Network in Fairfax, VA (program here).

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

microCreativity: Module 3 of Creative Modeling for Tech Visionaries available

Module 3 of my course, Creative Modeling for Tech Visionaries, is available on slideshare. I've posted it in a viewer below

You can see all my public slideshows over at slideshare here.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nominated for Most Entrepreneurial Scientist

The author of this blog was recently nominated by the Technopolicy network as The Most Entrepreneurial Scientist in the USA (see here). Stay tuned next week to see which of the top five nominees takes home the trophy.