The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ShareThis reaches 26 million unique users

A press release today (here) announces the rapid growth of Over 26 million viewers with over a 100 million page views have been reached per month over the last two months, making sharethis one of the fastest growing web applications on the planet. Rafe Needleman discusses the business potential (here) and AppScout discusses how the button can reduce publishing site clutter (here).

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here is lecture 7 from Creative Modeling for Tech Visionaries called Napkintalk.

See the course website here.

ShareThis going strong

The sharethis ubiquitous sharing tool*by Nextumi) now has publisher-side and consumer-side buttons (get the buttons here). Since the availability of the publisher-side button in November, installations have increased dramatically and there is growing interest among content purveyors and consumers alike.

More Teaching Company greats

Courses from The Teaching Company have become a habit for me during exercising and driving. Just before Christmas I finished watching Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology by WVU's John J. Renton. His lecture on plate tectonics was worth the price of admission. More recently I finished Understanding the Brain (DVD) by Vanderbilt's Jeanette Norden. The coverage of the course was a masterful mix of the anatomical, the functional, and the clinical.

In the car, on CD I listened to European Thought and Culture in the 19th Century and 20th Century by UNCC's Lloyd Kramer and I'm in the middle of 5 courses on Great World Religions.

Over many years, I have been impressed with the uniform quality of these courses. I recommend them without reservation