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Friday, May 05, 2006

Pink's whole new mind

Daniel Pink has a new book called A Whole New Mind in which he explores the logic of employment in what he calls the conceptual age. Given the 3 As (abundance, automation, and Asia), traditional high paying employment in the information age (business, engineering, accounting) that involves left-brain skills (analytical thinking and language) will be supplanted by increased emphasis on right-brain skills (creativity and art).

The argument of a shift to creativity makes sense. The idea that these skills will supplant analytical skills across the employment spectrum does not. My view is that Pink is right that entrepreneurial engineers going forward will need to be more creative. They will need to be category creators, not category enhancers. They will still be valued for their analytical skills, but the best engineers will be distinguished by strong right brain skills.

Read A Whole New Mind and see if you agree.


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