The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The Entrepreneurial Engineer goes on the road to The Illinois Society of Professional Engineers convention in Bloomington, IL Friday, July 29, 2006 (9:10-11 am).

Session 9-A - The Entrepreneurial Engineer (2 PDHs)
Sponsored by: College of Engineering, University of Illinois
Speaker: Professor David E. Goldberg, PhD - Department of General Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Today's world is radically networked, fast-paced, and full of opportunity, but to be successful in these times, engineers need to master a broad array of personal, interpersonal, oganizational, and business skills. This talk starts by pointing out key differences between yesterday's Cold War engineer and today's entrepreneurial engineer. It continues by examining the tug of war for the engineer's mind and how to find joy in engineering study and work. This lead to an examination of the role of engagement in matching personal interested to a life of fulfilling work. The talk concludes by explaining a key pattern or template that lead to clearer, more effective business writing and presentation.

See the full program here.


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