The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Thursday, December 28, 2006

TEE review at Electrical Apparatus

The Entrepreneurial Engineer has been reviewed by Richard Nailen at Electrical Apparatus:
Despite its title, this book is not a treatise on how to launch your own Fortune 500 startup. Rather, it's a guide for succeeding at any level of engineering practice, from the newest "cub" to manager of complex projects. He stresses the value of engineering education not as a narrow technical specialty, but as a valuable asset for any career. And Goldberg's advice has value for non-engineers as well-for anyone at work in today's commercial/industrial environment.

He has distilled the non-technical skill needs of the engineer into three principles: seek engagement; create first, criticize later; analyze through the eyes of others. Emphasis throughout the book is on that first principle, "engagement"-finding work that becomes an absorbing labor of love. (Chapter I is titled "The Joy of Engineering.") Yet in the section "Get a Life," the author cites the need for balance.

See the full review here.


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