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Monday, January 08, 2007

More Teaching Company gems

I've blogged repeatedly about the Teaching Company but they continue to knock my socks off with great courses. I just finished Natural Law and Human Nature by Joseph Koterski of Fordham University in DVD (see here) and I'm half way through Philosophy of Science (Audio CD) with Jeffrey L. Kasser of NC State (see here). I'm revisiting Koterski's lectures on Ethics of Aristotle (see here) in connection with his natural law course.

I watch the videos while doing my morning cardio, and I do audio versions riding around town in my car. I only live 2 miles from campus, but it is amazing to me how much extra course material I squeeze in by listening to the lectures on CD in place of listening to talk radio or music.

One tip is to look for the current sales. The discounts are fabulous, and the catalogs say that each lecture goes on sale at least once each year. Take a look at the current sale courses here.


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