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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ZDNet/CNET coverage of share2me's CEO

Erica Ogg has an article in CNET and ZDNet on Selling Shovels to Web2.0 Gold Miners (here and here) that quotes Nextumi/share2me CEO Mike Blackwell:
"Everybody keeps trying to get people to come to a new place, whether it's a new social network, new tool, whatever," said Mike Blackwell, CEO of Share2Me. "It's possible to do that, but generally that's really hard and takes lots of money and lots of time."

I find it interesting that several observers have viewed share2me as merely a "shovel" or a "widget" rather than the system that it is. The design of share2me understands that relationships exist where they exist and that they are the fundamental entity in getting to a trusted, smart web2.0 system. Trying to drive individuals to this or that site is a Web1.0 strategy if ever there was one. Despite the big money being paid for sites such as YouTube, the action for Web2.0 is between sites and it combines a profound respect for relationships, trust, and operational smarts and simplicity.


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