The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Saturday, November 26, 2005

TEE chapters 1 & 2 TOC

Here is the table of contents from The Entrepreneurial Engineer chapter 1:
1 The Entrepreneurial Engineer: Ready for the 21st Century
1.1 21ST Century Engineers Moving at Internet Time
1.2 Engineering Education, Common Sense & the Real World
1.3 Ten Competencies for the Entrepreneurial Engineer
1.4 Three Principles
1.5 Three Cautions
And here is the TOC from chapter 2:
2 The Joy of Engineering
2.1 A Joyous Confession
2.2 Engineering as Liberal Education, Launch Pad & Lifelong Love
2.2.1 Who is Getting a “Liberal Arts” Education Today?
2.2.2 Engineering as Launch Pad
2.2.3 10 ways to Love Engineering
2.3 The Fundamental Tug-of-War
2.4 Science and its Little Secret
2.5 Engineers: First Masters of Modern Enterprise
2.6 Economy of Intellection: Separating Science from Engineering
2.6.1 The Modeling Plane
2.6.2 Spectrum of Models
2.7 Four Tensions Facing the Entrepreneurial Engineer

Chapter 1 is an introduction that weaves together the 10 competencies with three unifying principles and warnings or cautions. Chapter 2 is my favorite chapter. The core of the chapter is the tale of two historical inversions, one between science and engineering, and one between business and engineering.


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