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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TEE & online public relations

Over the past few weeks, I've used the online press release service to promote The Entrepreneurial Engineer. The results have been astounding. Since the initial posting 3 September, I have received 59,020 reads of the press release, 514 pickups by journalists/media outlets, 4 prints, and 53 pdf downloads.

The service is free; however, I used the $120 upgrade that gave the press release good visibility in major news search engines such as Google News and Yahoo News.

To use the service, simply go to PRWeb's site, sign up for an account, and start a press release. It's easy to use, with minimal extraneous data entry required. After submission, the press release goes and gets an editorial score. Certain kinds of services require a score of at least 4 out of a maximum of 5. The press release here, received a 4.

The response has been very good and it is still coming. As a direct result of this press release, the following articles appeared (see here and here). Last week, I was asked to write a short article on non-technical issues for a major engineering magazine with 50,000 readers, and the article was accepted for publication Monday. In addition, ordinary web searches show that the book has been picked up on dozens of product and book sites that did not carry information about the book prior to the press release.

Given this response, I'm now a believer in this form of public relations. It gives terrific bang for the buck.


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