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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Urgency versus importance

Stephen Covey makes the distinction between activities that are urgent versus those that are important and goes on to draw a quad chart along the dimensions of whether something is or isn't urgent or important. The distinction is an interesting one in that it connects to those things that you value internally or that are valued by others externally.

A life driven by important-urgent matters signals a vocational impedance match between your career and your values. A life driven by the urgency of matters that you find relatively unimportant signals a life lived in reaction to the things that others think are important. A life driven by unimportant matters that lack urgency is a life of frivolity and caprice. A life without spending time on matters that are important and not urgent is a life with limited personal growth.

Each of the quadrants signals important information to the entrepreneurial engineer regarding the crucicial match between the internal self and external life he or she is living.


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