The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Saturday, December 03, 2005

TEE chapter 3 TOC

Here is the full table of contents for chapter 3 of The Entrepreneurial Engineer, Money, Work, and You:
3 Money, Work, and You
3.1 Money, Moola, the Big Bucks
3.2 The Roads to Wealth: 4 Dinner Table Platitudes
3.3 Hidden Lesson #1: Engagement
3.3.1 Why Engagement Matters
3.3.2 Matching Your Vocational Impedance
3.4 Hidden Lesson #2: Courage
3.4.1 Locus of Control: Internal versus External
3.4.2 Exploring Courage
3.5 Tactical Lessons of Handling Money
3.5.1 Spending and Earning Styles
3.5.2 Spending-Earning Impedance
3.5.3 Investing, Saving, and Thrift
3.6 Get a Life
3.7 Plotting Your Course: Values, Mission, and Goals
3.7.1 Creating a Personal Values Statement
3.7.2 Writing a Personal Mission Statement
3.7.3 Setting Goals
I think this chapter was especially popular in Harrisburg.


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