The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Monday, December 19, 2005

TEE Chapter 5 TOC

Chapter 5, Write for Your Life, will appear in the Wiley book, The Entrepreneurial Engineer, next year:
5 Write for Your Life
5.1 Engineers, Root Canal, and Writing
5.2 Why Many Engineers Don't Like to Write
5.3 The Prime Directive of Writing: Just Write
5.3.1 Freewriting
5.3.2 Directed Writing for the Real World
5.4 Getting the Content and Organization Right
5.4.1 The Primary Structure of Business Writing: B-P-R
5.4.2 Lists and Amplification: A Technical Writer's Best Friend
5.4.3 Sectioning, Titles, and Headings
5.4.4 Summaries, Conclusions, and Distinguishing the Difference
5.5 Edifying Editing
5.6 Improving Your Writing
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